Beyond the Ribbon

Through our Beyond the Ribbon program, we offer supportive resources to breast cancer patients as they go through their treatment journey. We offer things such as...
  • Special care bags to those who are newly diagnosed, preparing for surgery, beginning chemotherapy, and/or starting radiation treatment
  • Prosthetic units and special pre- and post-surgery bras
  • Wigs, camisoles, and other items
  • Information and referral to other community resources
You can help us provide a comfort care bag to a breast cancer champion by making a Beyond the Ribbon™ donation.

Are you in need of a comfort care bag, pre or post-surgery bra, prosthetic or wig?

Click Here to Complete the Request Form.

Questions about our Beyond the Ribbon Day? Or do you have an item that you could donate? Contact Anna Sims, our Director of Patient Services and Grants.

Love to sew or quilt and want to share your special talents?

You can become a Beyond the Ribbon™ Volunteer for Pretty In Pink Foundation to make items for our comfort care tote bags. Sign up by clicking on our Volunteer tab.

Pretty In Pink Foundation has assembled instructions for items which are useful for breast cancer patients and can be of support and care to anyone going through cancer treatment. Click here for details on how to make seat belt pillows, drain bags, pillows and eye bags.

You can help by donating fabric, polyester fiberfill, and other supplies (see Donations) needed to make the items.