What We Do

When Breast Cancer is Present...and Health Insurance is Not

Pretty In Pink Foundation serves North Carolinians diagnosed with breast cancer who are under-insured or uninsured. When breast cancer is present and medical insurance is not enough, care can be delayed or simply not ever received because of cost barriers.  Once diagnosed with breast cancer, often times individuals are choosing between breast cancer treatment and quality of life needs like shelter and food.

Once diagnosed, people with breast cancer are immediately thrust into a process unlike anything they have ever experienced. To make managing breast cancer a little easier, Pretty In Pink Foundation helps ensure that quality, lifesaving medical treatment is available to breast cancer patients residing in North Carolina.

Pretty In Pink Foundation provides financial grants to pay for the medical treatment of eligible individuals undergoing treatment for breast cancer. To be considered for financial support, a person must earn less than 250% of the Federal Poverty Level, live in NC, be a US Citizen, and be in active treatment for breast cancer. Once approved for funding, Pretty In Pink Foundation sends payments directly to medical providers offices for things like surgery, chemotherapy administration, and radiation therapy. To help extend our impact, Pretty In Pink Foundation partners with medical professionals and facilities across North Carolina to acquire in-kind and reduced fee services to our breast cancer champions.