Meet Our Champions

Chandella's Story

Chandella was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer in 2019 after going to the ER for pain in her rib.  She was 47 when she received the shocking diagnosis.  The Rocky Mount resident left her job as a bank customer service representative to go on long-term disability.  She currently receives IV chemotherapy every three weeks.  Her husband also went part-time in order to take care of her– and then lost his benefits.

Chandella became a Pretty In Pink Champion in 2019.  “People don’t understand the sacrifice that people have to make with a diagnosis like this,” explained Chandella.  “Pretty In Pink Foundation has helped me with my insurance premium and it means so much to me.  I can use that money for another bill, groceries or rent.”

She says the past few years have been a spiritual, mental, physical and financial battle.  But she’s glad she can lean on Pretty In Pink Foundation as she fights this disease.  “Pretty In Pink is one organization that really cares.  They make it easy to get help,” explained Chandella.