Meet Our Champions

Laura's Story

Laura was a full-time nurse and nurse practitioner student…when she became the patient herself.  She was diagnosed with breast cancer at just 30 years old.  For someone who lives to help others– this was devastating.  “I will fall behind as I have to take a leave of absence and disability. 

I worry about my bills and keeping my house,” explained Laura.  “I am struggling most with losing my sense of purpose and ability to help others.  How can this be happening at 30 years old?  I have not been married or had children yet.  I have so much life to live.”

Pretty In Pink Foundation was able to help Laura with her medical bills and she is now cancer-free and back to doing what she loves—helping others.  “I’m so thankful for Pretty In Pink Foundation.  They helped me financially, so I could focus on my health and getting better.”