Meet Our Champions

Porchia's Story

Imagine working your dream job… and suddenly your dream job is stripped away because of a cancer diagnosis.  That was the reality for Porchia. 

Porchia works as an edible design artist, catering and making custom cakes primarily for out-of-town events.  When she received a shocking breast cancer diagnosis at just 36 years-old she had to decline many out-of-town work opportunities because of her treatments.

On top of that– she had to decline the opportunity to be on a Food Network TV show.  “Filming was for three weeks in Utah and my doctor is not clearing me for travel due to low blood count and countless delays in treatment,” explained Porchia.  While she still may get another opportunity to be on the Food Network in the future, it doesn’t help with her current bills.  That’s where Pretty In Pink came in, paying for her medical treatment.

“Pretty In Pink took a burden off of me that allowed me to focus on healing as opposed to worrying about how something was going to get paid,” said Porchia.  “Receiving this help means to me that you have people that operate in SELFLESSNESS.  For an organization to cater its services around making sure people are ok financially as they walk through this storm means so much to me.”